Revolutionary piping system
with lifetime connection guaranty

Patented induction welding technology for hot and cold water fitting systems

Zenweld is a pipe welding system that will change the conception of pipe connectivity and improve pipe installation. Zenweld is an induction welding fitting technology, using a single welding unit, for range of Multilayer composite pipes diameters.

US Patent numbers 9528638 10828840 10710312
EP Patent numbers 2694273 3113931 3580046

Zenweld – Welcome to the future!

System Advantages

Quality Connection
Reliable and
Ultimate connection
- full proved

intuitive installation.
Lightweight system

Visual QA
Visual feedback of a
successful and
homogeneous welding

Battery operated tool.
Easy and quick welding

Avoid Galvanic

Each fitting seals the pipe
all over its face: inside,
front, and outside

Pipe Protection
No more cuts and
ruptures due to
pressing, avoiding
pipe fatigue

Polymeric welding
sequence along the
system protects the
entire system for years

System Layout

Related Equipment

Products Approvals and Certification

System is approved in accordance
Certification number: 001/007343
Material: Thermal durability certification in accordance
Water: WRAS, NSF61, KTW Migration certified and approved in accordance to EN1420